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I enjoyed this game a lot. The levels are very well designed, and the later levels ones get quite challenging (and have some satisfying "aha" moments). The puzzle concepts are pretty varied - each level felt like it had its own distinct character and idea/trick to it. Also a fan of the acoustic guitar soundtrack :-)

Would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys tricky puzzle games!

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review Ricky, really pleased you enjoyed the game and the music!


Having baught and enjoyed Push Blox 1, I picked this one without hesitation.  These are games for the whole family, that makes brains grow (well, maybe not mine, it's toooooo late, but my children's one for sure). Keep the good work !

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Thanks so much for your support 2ears, great to hear that you're enjoying the game with your family!


Picked this game up as soon as it launched and have been playing it a bit off and on. I haven't finished it by any means yet, which is a good thing because that means there are lots of puzzles. Really enjoying it so far though! The music sounds like an enhanced version of the first game, which I like.

If you're looking for a difficult yet relaxing puzzle game, this is for you!


Thanks so much for your comments Nick, and really pleased you are enjoying the game and the music!