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Push all the blocks together to win, but beware, blocks fall under gravity and stick together once in contact. Easy to learn but hard to master: Can you beat Push Blox?


"This game is a winner... The puzzles themselves are terrific."  - Tom Cutrofello  GottaSolveIt


- No gamification, no filler - just good puzzles!!! 

- A relaxing, original guitar soundtrack 

- Sleek, minimalist interface - Color-blind mode

Install instructions

Windows: To run the game, unzip the file and double click on the executable (pushBlox.exe or pushBloxDemo.exe). Do not move the executable file out of its directory as it needs to be located in the same directory as the other files, e.g., love.dll, etc. However you may make a shortcut to it for convenience.

Mac: First extract and click on the .app file. You will be told that the app can't be run because it comes from an unauthorized source, or something similar. TO FIX THIS: Go into apple menu at top left of your screen; click system preferences; click security and privacy. Then, on the bottom half of screen it should say: "allow apps downloaded from ..." BELOW THIS it should say something like: "PushBlox... was blocked from opening" Next to this there should be some option like 'Open anyway'. Click that, it should work. Any problems contact me!! : andyiduff@gmail.com


pushBlox_Demo.app.zip 25 MB
pushBlox_demo_windows32bit.zip 9 MB
pushBlox_demo_windows64bit.zip 10 MB

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