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One of my favorite puzzle games. I really recommend it.

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Thank you so much Michael!


It's a very calm game, but the actual puzzles get difficult pretty quickly, so there's definitely a lot of gameplay here. If you like the demo it's a no-brainer for $2.

Thank you so much for your review William!


A great game probably inspired by Jelly no Puzzle.  Difficult and interesting puzzles, and feels quite different from any other puzzle game.

Thanks so much for the fantastic review and rating lot Joel! I'm really pleased you enjoyed it!


A fun and challenging set of brainteasers. 

nice game fun and addictive could stop playing would recommend. 


Very nice game, it reminds me of "Contraptions" ;) Lot of fun

Good evening Tomnic, thanks so much for leaving a review and for rating the game! I will be sure to investigate 'contraptions' :)

Love this game. Great brain work out. Highly recommended.

Great game! Very entertaining. Perfect for those who like challenges and don't give up easily :-)


This is such a brilliant game. So glad I downloaded it.  Very challenging and addictive, can't put it down!


Awesome game! Fun to figure out. Great for breaks and relaxation.  No enemies in this game. It's just about finding solutions. Play with friends or on your own.  Try and enjoy!