Push Blox update: Infinite undos; undo 'laser-death'; keyboard short-cuts

Hi all,

I've updated 'Push Blox' for Windows. The major change is that you are no longer limited to only 2 undos. You now have infinite undos (well, there is actually a ceiling, but during play you are unlikely to hit it), and furthermore you can now undo 'laser death'.

Smaller changes include the addition of keyboard short-cuts ('backspace' to undo, 'r' to restart, 'escape' now exits to menu, rather than exiting the game). Addition of WASD controls to complement cursor keys.

Be warned: I have reordered a few levels from worlds 3 and 4 (though in fact I made this change in a previous update). Please bear this in mind if you have already reached world 3!

To implement the update :

Please download the relevant zip-file and unzip it. Do not run the pushBlox.exe file direct from the newly created directory, as this will create a new save-game. Instead, copy the pushBlox.exe file and place it in the directory where you ran the previous version of the game from (over-write the existing .exe file there). Double-click the pushBlox.exe file in this directory and you will keep your in-game progress.

The updated Mac version will follow shortly.



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